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Hemisphere Brokers offers a range of services that cover all your money management and growth needs, from rapid demat account creation and reliable investment advice to financial services that encompass trading in shares, commodities, derivatives, etc. With a reliable network of information centers spread across the world and with managed data centers delivering accurate and up-to-date trading information, our range of services ensure that your money increases geometrically in value.

Our core services include:

  • Share Trading
  • Online Trading
  • Commodities & Derivatives
  • Investment Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Arbitrage Services
  • NRI Services
  • Information Updates
For detailed information about each of these services, please refer to the concerned section in the web site.

Share Trading
Hemisphere Brokers offers share trading services designed to take the client's risk and the pain out of the equation. With one of the lowest per-transaction fees, Hemisphere Brokers ensures that you get value for your money by offering two kinds of services, depending on your specific needs:
  • Trading Execution
  • Trading Advice & Execution
Trading Execution
This is a pure-and-simple trading-only service, where you will be given a set of contact information, and you can call in or SMS us your trading orders. These will be executed immediately, and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you. If you are comfortable dealing with the market directly, this is the best service option for you within our share trading service offering. You will also be sent a consolidated report of all the trades performed by you at the end of each trading session. You can also call our information center for any market-related queries you may have for free.

Trading Advice & Execution
This is a more personalized and lower risk offering from Hemisphere Brokers, where you will be assigned a personal trading advisor. This advisor is supported at the back-end by a strong research and market team, which updates him continuously on the latest happenings in the market. Your investment advisor becomes your single-point contact for all trading advice and execution orders. All payment checks can be either picked up directly from your doorstep or can be automatically debited from your account as required. This is a service offering that is much more personalized, and is recommended for high-value investors who need both guidance as well as trading services.

Services > Online Trading
Our online trading offers the best combination of our technological strengths and market insight. With a state-of-the art online application offering the latest trading data along with concise information regarding the rising and falling scrips, you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Basically, the screen you see is very much that your standard broker sees; only you can trade only under your identity, and not for any other user. You can trade for as much money as you have credited into your account or the total value of your current investments, whichever is lower.

For customers who understand the market and are keen on making their investments directly in real time, this is a good option. For more details on the specifics of this service, please get in touch with us.

Services > Commodities & Derivatives
Commodities basically are products either of agriculture and mining, or are energy sources like oil, gas, etc. Given the importance of these items in the global market, trading in commodities and their derivatives can be hugely rewarding. But this also carries with it a substantial amount of risk, as fluctuating market conditions can lead to dynamic changes in commodity prices and impact their derivative values. With the latest information on rising and falling indices, you can be sure that the commodities investment advice you receive from us is up-to-date and reliable.

Apart from providing guidance and services on the commodity market, we also enable you to mitigate your risk factors by offering advice on efficiently diversifying your portfolio. This protects your investment from market fluctuations and helps protect your portfolio value from inflation as well.

For more information on commodities trading and on our service commodities and derivatives service offering, please contact us.

Services > Investment Services
Hemisphere Brokers offers world-class investment services, combining a range of offerings that can help you better structure and align your investment portfolio for dependable growth and allied benefits. Our investment service offerings can be categorized under the following heads:
  • Transaction Products
  • Mutual Funds
  • Collateral Loans
Services > Portfolio Management
Hemisphere Brokers' portfolio management services are our combined way of offering you the very best of our financial service capabilities. We leverage our insight into the market and up-to-date core financial data to offer you comprehensive portfolio management services. For a very competitive fee, we offer a comprehensive bouquet of services: live advice, expert guidance, and investment services to help you kickstart and manage your growing portfolio. Combining the collective offerings of our various financial and data-delivery service partners, we can help you ensure that your portfolio remains healthy and robust despite varying market conditions.

Each of our portfolio management clients has a different set of needs. Which is why, each of these clients is assigned a unique advisor who guides the client towards safe investments. This leads to a range of benefits, some of which are discussed below:
  • Access to a Slew of Experts:Your personal advisor doesn't bring to you just his / her individual expertise, but is guided in business decisions by a range of financial experts who have their fingers constantly on the pulse of the market.
  • Customized Money Management:You can choose from a wide range of investment options, and each of your choices is handled by separate teams. This ensures that each of your transactions is performed in confidence and to the best of the managing team's abilities.
  • Seamless Info-flow:Through your personalized advisor and our unique information delivery services, you can be assured of having the latest market information and studied insight at your finger tips. Make the right decision, everytime!
For more information about our unique portfolio management services, please contact us. Services > NRI Services
Hemisphere Brokers offers a range of investment services to our NRI clients. We understand the problems associated with deciding on wise investments from half way across the world, not to mention the myriad legalities and exchange issues related to international financial transactions. Our NRI services are designed to take the pain out of managing your money across continents.

Our core NRI Investment Services are the following:
  • Investment in New Issues
  • Investment in Secondary Markets
  • Investment in non-convertible debentures
  • Investment in Indian mutual funds
  • Investment through company deposits
  • Investment in PSU bonds
  • Investment in immovable property
For details regarding any of these services, please contact us.

Services > Information Updates
Get the latest stock updates and market analysis and insight reports from our expert team on a priority basis. Our information update services are designed to ensure that you have the latest and most accurate information about the market. After all, we understand that with global communication getting more and more easy and efficient, the right information at the right time can mean a lot on the market floor. Get the right information where you need it; when you need it. Contact us today.