About us-Hemisphere Brokers

About us

Hemisphere Brokers is a financial services firm dedicated to providing reliable and financial planning, portfolio management, etc.

With a core team comprising experienced and professionally qualified minds, we have a hands-on understanding of the pulse of the market, and combine this intelligence with proven technical tools, methodologies and research to offer consistently rewarding returns on investment.

We offer our services to a select group of institutional, retail, and high net-worth clients. Given our wide range of offerings, our clients can rest assured that their money is safe and that the overall value of their assets is constantly on the rise. Our investment and wealth management research teams are well known for their high-performance standards, and can be relied upon to choose the best combination of investment for your portfolio. 

Hemisphere Brokers has made consistent investments in technology, enabling our team to have access to the latest financial data from the world over. This enables our team to make better informed decisions which, in turn, helps us understand the current market better and predict trends more accurately. This is one of the main reasons for our continued success and growth, and for our consistent record of satisfied clients.

Our Goals
Customer growth. This is the key goal that has powered Hemisphere Brokers right from the day it started operations. Our focus on your continued growth enables us to continually think of better and more innovative ways to enhance the value of your assets in terms of both its value and its stability.

For a long time now, clients have depended upon our advice and services to choose the best instruments for their valuable assets. In our steady growth is reflected the success of our continued efforts towards our business goal: Your Growth; Your Success.

This overarching goal has also led us to think strategically about the kinds of services we can offer. We understand that staying put with a limited range of services can only hurt us and our clientele in the long run. Which is why Hemisphere Brokers has consistently tried to follow up on its existing service list with newer and more evolved offerings. This ability to offer increased variety helps us further mitigate risks from the portfolios under our management.

For more information about our service range and business focus, please contact us.

Our Key Precepts
In addition to our key goals of continued focus on customer growth, we have established the following core precepts to guide our transactions with our customers, staff, and service providers:

  • To perform to the best of our abilities at reasonable cost
  • To be honest and open in all our dealings
  • To be upfront in all our transactions
  • To continuously strive towards performance improvement
  • To promise less than we can deliver, and to deliver more than we promised.
We have seen over time that these precepts work, and that they have consistently led to client & team satisfaction, resulting in a continued growth chart. We are committed to following these precepts in all our transactions.

Partner with Us
Hemisphere Brokers is always on the lookout for partners who share our vision and values. We are a brokerage and financial services organization focused on offering continued financial benefit to a high-end clientele.

To become a partner in our growth, please send in your request with details about your current businesses to hemisphere@mweb.co.za. We offer some of the best tools and technologies available in the industry, and can help you set up your own franchise or remiser service quickly. With our continued guidance and support, you can be assured of a continuing growth path for your setup.

For more details about our partnership opportunities, please contact us.